AFA 2024

Pension fund flows, exchange rates, and covered interest rate parity

BY Aldunate, Da, Larrain, Sialm

Yale Junior 2023

Collateral demand and liquidity demand in wholesale funding market

BY Coen, Coen, Huser

Yale Financial Stability

Central banker to the world: Foreign reserve management and U.S. money market liquidity

BY Alquist, Kahn, Stedman

Cavalcade 2023

Intermediary market power and capital constraints

BY Jason Allen, Milena Wittwer

Bank of Israel

The persistent widening of cross-currency basis: when increased FX swap demand meets limits of arbitrage

BY Nadav Ben Zeev, Daniel Nathan

MFA 2023

Quantitative easing, bank lending, and macroprudential regulations

BY Orame, Ramcharan, Robatto

AFA 2023

Money markets and bank lending: evidence from the tiering adoption

BY Altavilla, Boucinha, Burlon, Giannetti, Schumacher

Australasian 2022

Evergreen lending in times of crisis

BY Daniel Rabetti

FIRS 2022

Monetary policy transmission in segmented markets

BY Eisenschmidt, Ma, Zhang